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Medical professionals

Medical Executive Teams

Ocular health and vision is an essential part of the human experience that should be protected and cared for.

Principles that Matter

We believe in providing quality eye care while being good stewards of resources. We strive to effectively use these resources to advance ocular health and patient care legislation, ensuring the best service for our community of patients. As a board, we adhere to and drive a high level of quality of care and ethical standards for patient care and safety across our organization.

Our goal is to provide quality eyecare for all patients in the communities we serve. We are committed to responsibly managing our resources and utilizing them to continually advance ocular health. As a Board, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our industry. We have built a culture focused on patient care, patient safety, and compliance.

We believe that ocular health and eye care are best supported through specialty-trained medical providers, advances in clinical practices and technology, and continued professional training of all our clinical team members.

We believe that ocular health and eye care is best supported and advanced through scientific research and clinical studies, continued quality improvement, and peer review of treatment and patient outcomes. Our clinical teams and medical directors are deeply involved in the latest research in therapeutics and medical devices focused on product and technology development.

We believe in continuing education, as key opinion leaders and medical providers in the ocular community, to better educate and serve the public and to promote advances in ocular care. We are proudly supported, nationally and locally, by many community programs, professional societies, and 501c3 organizations.

Medical Executive Board

Our Medical Executive Board at Eyecare Services Partners believes we have a shared responsibility to improve ocular health and care. We are committed to staying informed and responsive to relevant trends, and adopting advanced and new FDA-approved technology and treatments. We advocate and support legislation that advances and improves access and quality eyecare to all our patients. We are leaders in groundbreaking research and clinical studies, and equipping our team members to provide safe and ethical, state-of-the-art care.

Physician Advisory Board

The Physician Advisory Board serves as a thought partner for ESP’s CEO and management team to advise and serve as a sounding board on:

Optometry Advisory Board

The Optometry Advisory Board (OAB) is comprised of exceptional ESP Optometric Physicians from across the country. The OAB was chartered to enable physicians to have a voice and promote Optometry within ESP practices and their communities in conjunction with the Physicians Advisory Board and the Medical Executive Board.

With our multi-disciplinary team approach, our patients receive quality care from best-in-class physicians, while utilizing the latest technology and following ethical guidelines that help produce outstanding outcomes and satisfied patients.